Time To Pet

Time To Pet is an all-in-one tool for scheduling, messaging, billing, and more! Through your Time To Pet account, you are able to review your dog's walk schedule, message your walker directly, and review upcoming and past invoices. Everything can be done on your client app and client portal.

Getting Started

Before your dog's first day with us, we will create a Time To Pet account for you. You will receive an email directly from Time To Pet to activate your account and set your password. After you have activated your account, we ask that you verify your personal information, add your payment information and review your dog's walk schedule. Please let us know if anything is incorrect.

Using Time To Pet


Through your Time To Pet account, you are able to view your dog's walk schedule and request to add or cancel a walk. To view your dog's walk schedule, click "Scheduling" from the home screen. From here you can view any past and upcoming appointments. To request a change or to cancel a walk, select the walk you'd like to change and choose if you'd like to cancel or change that service. To request a walk, select "New Request" and fill out the required information.


Using the app, you can message your walker directly. This is especially helpful for last-minute requests such as leaving a light on if you'll be home late. To send and read messages from your walker, click "Conversation" from the home screen. You will be automatically directed to a new page with all past messages. To leave a new message for your walker, simply click the "New" button at the bottom of your screen and begin typing your message.


All of our billing and invoicing is done through Time To Pet. You can make changes to your payment information and view past invoices through the client portal or app. To do so, click "Invoices" from the home screen. This will show you any current and past invoices. If you have an outstanding invoice, you can pay it here.

For more information on using the client app and client portal, you can review these short articles.