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I started Blue Dog 12 years ago, right after moving back to San Francisco from Austin, TX. This time around, I had a new best friend, Blue, a loving, mischievous, and energetic yellow lab. My work hours necessitated the hiring of a dog walker to give Blue a much needed break during the day, but while living in the Marina and going for jogs to Crissy Field, I noticed some disturbing trends among the dog walkers I observed. 

San Francisco regulations require that dog walkers walk no more than six dogs at a time. Due to this, I witnessed walkers walk their first pack of dogs while a second pack of dogs waited in a vehicle for their walk. I also noticed that many of the walkers at the dog park would unleash their dogs and spend much of their time there talking with other dog walkers while their dogs just milled around.

I knew the current dog walkers were not going to fit Blue’s needs. Blue wasn’t one for hour long rides in a car; he'd get antsy to get out after about 15-minutes. And when given free rein, Blue could easily find the only patch of mud at the park and munch away at it. My goal in hiring a dog walker was to keep Blue moving and socializing, and these dog walkers weren't going to do the job. That’s when I decided to start my own dog walking business.

Blue Dog was created with the mission of safety and accountability. First, I decided to make all walks on leash to ensure the safety of our dogs. This also allowed us to implement GPS tracking of the walks so the owners could be assured that their pups were getting exercise. Lastly, I implemented a business structure of Managers and Assistant Managers to provide unparalleled customer service to our clients as well as training and help to our walkers. 

With this business model, we have grown into one of the largest dog walking companies in San Francisco with some of the happiest clients and walkers. Our goal every day is to ensure that our clients love us and that our staff loves working here.

- Brian Long

Founder & Owner

I decided to start Blue Dog over 5 years ago after searching high and low for a walker for my pup, Blue. When I couldn't find what I was looking for, I decided to start my own company! Outside of work, you can find me skiing or just adventuring with Blue!

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