A happy dog = a happy dog owner.

At Blue Dog SF, our goal is simple, 100% dog and dog owner satisfaction.

In their own words, here are some recent reviews of our progress in meeting this objective and do check us out on Yelp, Google or Facebook.

A dog friend referred me to Blue Dog and I am so grateful she did! Blue Dog has been such a happy addition to our home and Finnegan is such a happy pup now. I initially met with Brian, the owner, and Megan, my walker for a meet & greet. I instantly felt really good energy from both of them and they both seemed so kind. I could tell right away they genuinely care about the well being of your dog and want to make sure they have a positive impact on them.

Additionally, Blue Dog’s service really sold me right away. They leave a QR code badge in your house and scan it every day upon arrival and again on checkout. You know exactly what time they showed up and came back. Megan leaves me a little note online each day of how Finny did on his walk. I can go on their website and see where they walked that day through their GPS. As a helicopter pup mom, this was right up my alley.

All in all, Blue Dog has been a huge blessing to our home and I am so grateful we found them. Megan is wonderful & takes great care of Finny! Brian is always responsive and great to work with.

Amanda M.

We’ve been a Blue Dog client for over a year and highly recommend their services. They are highly responsible, professional, responsive and easy to work with. Shiraz loves her daily walks with her buddies. Thanks Team Blue Dog!

Larissa A. | San Francisco, CA

I’ve been a Blue Dog client for 2 years and I’m very happy with them! They keep a profile about my dog and add every new piece of information I share with them about his likes and dislikes and habits.

Scheduling is very easy. They have an app like most companies but I also frequently email the office directly to request changes. I unfortunately request a lot of last minute schedule changes but they are always accommodating whenever possible.

I love the report cards I get and the pictures. It is so clear they know his personality and all his quirks so well.

I also like that this is a company – whenever a walker is sick, they have back-up and they handle making sure the substitute walker has the key to my apartment so I don’t have to.

Amanda G. | Astoria, NY

We’ve used Blue Dog for ~9 months, and could not be happier or more confident recommending this service to anyone looking for a reliable, responsive, and considerate group of dog walkers.  A few highlights below:

  1. The Blue Dog operations team is very responsive via email
  2. If there is a change we need made, Blue Dog has always accommodated our change requests w/ no issue
  3. All of the dog walkers are considerate and helpful with our young 19 month old dog.  They work with us to reinforce the good behavior training we practice at home
  4. They are trust worthy…we can always count on them to take care of our dog
  5. Price – they have the best price in the area

Without hesitation, if you’re looking for a dog walker for your dog, go with Blue Dog.

Ryan M. | San Francisco, CA

Blue Dog has been walking our Italian Greyhound for the past year, and she could not be happier! We love the daily email scan once she is picked up and walk report with pictures – helps with the guilt of leaving our precious pup home while working. We could not be happier with the entire team at Blue Dog, they have reliable, consistent, friendly walkers, and very professional to deal with….best part is very responsive to emails or any changes in walk schedule.

You and your pup will be very happy with Blue Dog, highly recommend!

Sheryl S., | San Francisco, CA

We LOVE Blue Dog and can’t recommend them highly enough!

Dayve walks our little guy, Emmett, every weekday and sends a sweet message about their walk with multiple pictures each time. He’s very reliable and obviously loves Emmett. He’s also very conscious of how Emmett relates to other dogs that he walks. For example, Dayve noticed that Emmett was bothered by his walk mate’s barking, and therefore changed his walking schedule so that Emmett would walk with quieter dogs. We were amazed by how conscientious he is!

Blue Dog is very responsive and flexible. I usually receive a response from them within thirty minutes after I email with schedule changes, and they’re always happy to accommodate them.

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about Blue Dog and Dayve. They are extremely reliable, communicative, and great with our dog. Plus they’re very reasonably priced. I’m very glad we picked Blue Dog to take care of our pup and recommend that you do, too!

Helen L. | Philadelphia, PA

I love Blue Dog!  They have made me and my dog’s life better.  Wilson walks five times a week with them and has an absolute blast, he knows all of the dogs and people in the neighborhood thanks to these fabulous walkers.  Shout out to his regular walker Alexsandra!  He looks forward to the daily walks with her.  All of the other walkers have been amazing too Claudia, Jae and Leilani!  Thank you all for the amazing adventures Wilson and me thank you!!

Jennifer K. | San Francisco, CA

I really can’t speak highly enough of Blue Dog. I was hesitant to try and find a new dog walker because our beloved sassy dog Charlie is very anti-dog walker and every single dog walk in the past has not been able to get him out of the house.

Before he even had a walk his new walker Justine and Leilani came over to meet him. I explained ALL his quirks and they weren’t hesitant at all to take him on. Charlie is little but tends to be growly and just grumpy sometimes when someone enters his territory. He has scared dog walkers before.

Here are some things i LOVE:

  1. Pet check tech so you can see when they come
  2. I always get the best messages and pictures from Justine
  3. I have NEVER had an instance where Justine or any of the sub- walkers have not been able to get out. That alone is worth all the money in the world in my opinion.
  4. They are always responsive over email and let me know when they run late.
  5. Charlie i think really loves Justine and even though he makes a fuss sometimes (all the time) i know he is living his best life 🙂

I never have to rush home worried. I just heart them all!

Ilana M. | San Francisco, CA

I’ve used Blue Dog since my French Bulldog, Scott, was about 16 weeks old. From the get go, Blue Dog was super helpful with potty breaks and play time while I was at work. Scott is now two years old, going on three, and continues to love Blue Dog. The walks are great for him to make friends with other dogs and get out during the day. It’s been great to get to know the walkers and they’re always professional and helpful if anything comes up. The occasional pictures and walker notes I get from them always brighten my day. I can’t recommend them enough!

Joe T. | Oakland, CA

Blue Dog is wonderful! We’ve been so impressed with Blue Dog’s service and operation. Our dog gets so excited to see her walker everyday and we trust this business completely. They are always responsive, timely and accurate with their reporting on each day’s activities. The dogwalking market in SF is very competitive, but this is a trustworthy group and a very fair rate which helps gives us relief knowing our dog is taken care of during the day. Highly recommend this group!

Kevin O. | San Francisco, CA