Blue Dog SF was founded in 2012 with the goal of creating a professional and accountable dog walking company for San Francisco.

We provide your dog with daily exercise in a safe and healthy environment. All of our dog walks are on-leash and in small packs. We believe that you should be given peace of mind when your pup leaves the house each day.

How are we different from other San Francisco dog walking companies?


Our Team

Our team consists of managers, dog walkers and backup walkers. You won’t find this anywhere else! Our management team trains all walkers upon starting with Blue Dog and provides on-going training whenever necessary. This ensures that you have the peace of mind that your dog is in professional and caring hands. We have backup walkers available to step in and cover a route if your walker is unable to make it into work, guaranteeing your pup will never miss a walk!

Our company is bonded and insured and we offer our walkers all of the benefits of being an employee in San Francisco.

Peace of Mind

We use Time To Pet, an all-in-one GPS-tracking tool, to schedule and track your dog's walks. Real time email notifications are sent to you every time your dog is picked up and dropped off. Once your pup has been returned home you will receive a written summary, photos, and a GPS map of where your pup went.

We don’t believe it’s possible to keep an eye on 10 dogs at once so we specialize in walking small packs with up to 4 dogs at a time. This allows our team to give each pup the attention they need. 

Christian M.    My name is Christian and I recently moved in from Chicago a few months back. I heard about the Blue Dog company through a friend and was delighted to find that I could work with so many different kinds of dogs. There’s never a dull moment walking with these furry friends.
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In Your Hood & On Foot

What’s more fun than sitting in a van for a couple of hours each day? Walking to all your favorite and familiar places! Our team loves exploring the neighborhoods of San Francisco and we want our dogs to be outside enjoying it too, not cooped up in a van being transported through traffic. Staying on foot allows us to maximize your dog’s time, allowing them to stay stimulated and socialize with their furry friends. From pickup to drop off your pup is hitting the pavement with their favorite walker in their own neighborhood.

Maximum fun! Maximum exercise!