Now Available in Mission Bay!

We offer off-leash park visits on a monthly subscription basis for one or two dogs. Our dog walkers will pick up your pup for an on-leash walk through the neighborhood then head to the park for more off-leash time to run and socialize.


By the Month

Our monthly subscription is a discounted option for those who can commit to a minimum package on a monthly basis.


5 Days/Week: $559/month

(about $26.50/walk)

4 Days/Week: $511/month

(about $30.00/walk)


5 Days/Week: $836/month

(about $40.00/walk)

4 Days/Week: $766/month

(about $45.00/walk)


By the Week

If you can't commit to a discounted monthly subscription for our San Francisco dog walking services, you can elect to use our premium weekly dog walking subscription providing maximum flexibility to accommodate any changes in your schedule.


5 Days/Week: $146.25/week


4 Days/Week: $132.00/week


3 Days/Week: $109.50/week



5 Days/Week: $218.75/week


4 Days/Week: $198.00/week


3 Days/Week: $164.25/week


* All new customers require a one-time New Client fee. Healthy SF surcharge will be added to all packages.

Have more specific questions about our services? Check out our FAQ!

Let us know if you’d like to see this service in your neighborhood!