At Blue Dog, we use an app, PetCheck to schedule, check in, monitor and GPS track each of your dog’s walks. This ensures you, peace of mind, and your dog, safety and security.

We set up a PetCheck desktop app account for each new client and clients can also download their mobile app.

Here’s how the PetCheck service works:

  • Before your dog walks begin, you’ll login to your account and update emergency contact info, payment info and add a photo of your pup if you choose to. We add your pup to our walker’s schedule which you can view under “Scheduler.” You can see what time your dog is scheduled to be walked, your assigned dog walker is (who you meet them face-to-face at a meet n’ greet), and how long your dog will be walked.
  • Once the walk begins, you receive an email from PetCheck notifying you that your pup has been picked up and your dog walking appointment will go from green to red on the Scheduler.
  • Once the walk is completed, you’ll then receive a walk report via email and your appointment will then turn orange in the Scheduler.
  • You can select your dog’s completed appointment in the scheduler to see the GPS walk report and a map of your dog’s route.
  • You can also leave a comment for your dog’s walker via PetCheck via the Scheduler.

PetCheck Account

This is where clients can update their dogs information and add a photo if desired, add account information, add a second person to receive walk notifications, update payment/billing information etc.

Walk Scheduler

This calendar feature of PetCheck shows your dog’s walk schedule. You can see Blue is scheduled to walk everyday at 1 PM with his walker, Claudia.

Dog Walking Report

PetCheck dog walking reports allow clients to view a walk report by selecting a completed walk on the Scheduler. “Scan in/scan out” times reflects the time your dog was picked up and dropped off. You can see any comments your walker left for you, a map showing where your dog went and any photos your walker took along the way.

GPS Tracked Map of Dog Walks

This is an enlarged photo showing the route your dog walker took with your dog in the walk report.