CRM & Billing System (PetCheck)

  • Please follow these instructions to setup your account.

  • PetCheck utilizes a barcode magnet which the walker will use to scan your dog in and out of their walk.

  • Upon completion of the walk you will be provided with notes about the walk and a GPS map of their route.

Billing Policy

  • All of our walk packages, invoicing, and cancellation policies are based on calendar weeks.

  • Billing for the prior week will occur every Monday. Your credit card will be automatically charged followed by an emailed invoice.

  • A $75 new client administrative fee will be charged on the first invoice.

    • This fee is used to compensate your walker and their manager for attending the Meet ‘n Greet and then for setting up your account.

  • Healthy SF: a 5.5% surcharge (subject to change without notice) will be applied to all invoices in order to satisfy San Francisco's health care mandate for employers.

    • Note that on your Pet Check invoice this surcharge will display as “Sales Tax,” due to limitations with their software.

  • Unpaid Invoices

    • After your first unpaid invoice Blue Dog will contact you via email and/or text.

    • If your invoice is not paid by the start of the following month, Blue Dog will discontinue your walks and you will forfeit your spot.

Subscription Policy

  • Packages and Pricing

  • Monthly Subscription Policy

    • Clients may only change from a monthly package to a weekly package during the first quarter of the year (Jan 1 - Mar 31)

    • Walk packages may be changed to/from 4 or 5 Days per Week on a monthly basis to meet your dog walking needs.

      • Clients with an existing 4 Day per Week walk package can however move or add walk days within the current week (subject to availability).

        • Adding additional walks scheduled for the same week will be priced at the weekly walk rate for the same package.

      • Changing the length of the walk or from Group to Solo is subject to availability.

    • To change your monthly walk package, you must contact by the end of the last business day of the month.

    • Monthly Pricing is an average rate based on the entire year. Holidays (including Christmas week when Blue Dog is closed) and variations in days per month have been factored into this rate.

  • Vacation Policy

    • You can "paws" your service at anytime by paying our Monthly Holding Fee.

      • The holding fee retains your dog’s spot in the pack and walk time.

    • Spots may only be held for one month.

    • If the Holding Fee is not paid, then upon return our new client fee would be required, and the walk would be subject to availability.

    • Fee Schedule:

      • Group 30 min Walk - $191

      • Group 30 min Walk (2 Dogs) - $289

      • Group 60 min Walk - $279

      • Group 60 min Walk (2 Dogs) - $418

      • Solo 15 min Walk - $191

      • Solo 30 min Walk - $289

    • If your pup is scheduled for 2 walks each day, this is considered two packages per month. For any full month you are away, you will be charged one holding fee for each package.

    • Any cancellations of individual walks will not be refunded.

  • Ending Your Subscription

    • If you wish to cancel services, you must notify us by the month before. For the last month we will switch you over to the weekly package.

    • If you cancel services during the month, you will forfeit all the walks for the remainder of the month.

Key Policy

  • Blue Dog requires 2 forms of entry into your home.

    • One form will be used and held by the regular walker, and the second form will be held at our office and used by the backup walker in case of walker absence or emergency.

    • Client understands that if a second form of entry is unavailable, a walk may not be performed if the primary walker is out.

Walk Procedures

  • Walk Length

    • All walk times are inclusive of time spent in the home during pickup and dropoff as well as going to other dog’s homes.

  • 2 Hour Walk Window

    • Your dog’s walk will begin within your 2 hour walk window.

      • We would love to be able to accommodate your requested walk time; unfortunately, between ever-changing schedules and forces out of our control, we simply cannot guarantee an exact walk time.

  • Backup Walks

    • Blue Dog is excited to be able to offer backup walks in the occasion that your regular walker is sick or on vacation.  These are always performed by one of our managers or staff backup walkers.

      • Every backup walker cannot meet each dog. As such, in order to be a Blue Dog client, your pup needs to be comfortable with being picked up by anyone on our staff.

        • If the walker is unable to get your dog out of the house you will still be charged for the full walk time.

Weather Policy

  • In the case of light rain, we will typically still perform the full walk.

  • In the case of medium to heavy rain, it will be up to the walker’s discretion as to whether or not the full walk occurs, a shortened walk occurs, or we just provide a potty break.

    • A potty break will consist of the walker letting your dog out briefly for a potty break and then returning them home.

    • Pricing is the same for these days as the walkers are still out for the same period of time.

  • In the case of hot weather, walks may be shortened in length and speed but not time. We realize that our pups are all accustomed to our cool SF days, so we like to take it easy in these situations.

  • In the case of air quality being hazardous we will just provide a potty break. The health and safety of our staff and dogs are our number one priority.

    • A potty break will consist of the walker letting your dog out briefly for a potty break and then returning them home.

    • Pricing is the same for these days as the walkers are still out for the same period of time.


  • We do not conduct walks on the following observed holidays: New Year's Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday AND Friday), and Christmas Week.

    • Blue Dog closes for the entire week of Christmas (dates will vary).

    • You can always expect a reminder email to be sent out two weeks in advance of an observed holiday.

  • Holiday Monthly Subscription

    • 4 Day per Week clients can move their holiday walk to a different day within the same week.

    • Holidays do not change the monthly rate; holidays and variations in days per month are already factored into monthly pricing.


How do I know if the Monthly Subscription is best for me?

  • Our Monthly Subscription is a flat rate offered at a discount for clients that can commit to a set monthly schedule. Clients with a consistent work schedule and limited travel will find the Monthly Subscription to be the best value for them.

Can I switch between monthly and weekly subscriptions?

  • You may switch from a monthly subscription to a weekly subscription during the first quarter of each year (Jan 1 - Mar 31).

  • You may switch from a weekly subscription to a monthly subscription at the start of any calendar month.

Can I switch between the 4 and 5 day per week package?

  • You may switch between the 4 and 5 day per week package at the start of the month.

What if I need to add a walk during the month?

  • Pending availability, additional walks will be added to your monthly subscription at the current per walk rate. All additional walks will be billed on your next invoice.

Can I move my walks to different days within the month?

  • Clients on our 4 day per week package may move their walks to a different day within the same week. We do not allow for clients to move their walks to different weeks.

How will you enter my home?

  • We require two modes of entry for your home. We can use client provided keys, a client placed lockbox or check out keys from a concierge desk.

What is the Healthy SF surcharge?

  • This is a mandate for employers in San Francisco to provide healthcare for their employees.  Blue Dog happily participates in the program as an added benefit to our wonderful staff. 100% of the surcharge goes directly to our employees.

Why should I have to pay anything when I’m on vacation and I don’t need my dog walked?

Unfortunately, we have to consider the scheduling and fixed costs of our business when accommodating suspension of service.

  • From a service perspective: We put a great deal of effort into creating packs and sticking to preferred walk windows. When a dog is on vacation, we are left with gaps in the walker’s schedule and open spots in their packs. This throws off timing and leaves open spots in packs that could be filled by customers on our waiting list.

  • From an operational perspective: We strive to create an amazing work environment for our walkers in an era when many hourly jobs are gig jobs with no stability or benefits. In order to provide a great employment opportunity for our walkers, we offer minimum hours to ensure a reasonable work day. With this we hope to attract and retain the best possible walkers for your pup in an extremely difficult hiring environment.

Couldn’t I just forgo the Holding Fee and “Cancel” my service while I am away?

  • That is an option, however we would be obligated to offer the spot to another customer if they are on our waiting list. Then upon return, the New Client Fee will be charged to reinstate your service. Our goal isn’t to penalize our customers for taking a vacation, but to allow us to consistently provide the best service for everyone!

If Blue Dog only provides a potty break on a rainy day then why do I still have to pay full price?

  • Unfortunately for the walker, they are still working the same hours on a rainy day.  Because we can’t expect all of our dogs to want to go for a walk in the rain, we have to break up all of our group walks and go to each house separately to perform solo potty breaks.  Additionally, with the changes that occur on a stormy day, we might actually be able to perform some full walks, but not others. There are just too many variables on a rainy day and this policy has best allowed us to handle them.

Why am I paying for my walk that falls on a holiday?

  • Our monthly package was created for our clients that plan to be with us for the entire year with limited schedule changes. As each month has a different number of days and holidays, we’ve carefully considered all these factors when determining the price for our monthly packages.