What is the Healthy SF surcharge? 

  • This is a mandate for employers in San Francisco to provide healthcare for their employees. Blue Dog happily participates in the program as an added benefit to our wonderful staff. 100% of the surcharge goes directly to our employees.

What is the new client fee?

  • We charge a new client fee for the time spent on-boarding your pup. A lot of work goes into making sure that we get everything just right and we have to pay our staff for doing this. Rest assured, that once you are up and running it will be smooth sailing.

How will you enter my home?

  • We require two modes of entry for your home. One is for the regular walker to use and one is for backup. We can use client provided keys, a client placed lockbox or check out keys from a concierge desk.

Should my dog have a solo or group walk?

  • That depends on a number of factors. Here is what we recommend for each type of walk:

    • Solo Walks

      • We recommend solo walks for puppies and older dogs who might have too much or not enough energy to keep pace with a pack.

      • If a dog is reactive to other dogs at all we request that they have a solo walk.

    • Group Walks

      • We recommend group walks for any dog who is social and would benefit from being with other pups. We do have a few requirements for a dog to be in group walks:

        • They need to be friendly towards all other dogs, no matter their size, breed, or temperament.

          • Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to group dogs based off breed, therefore we require that all dogs in a pack are friendly towards all other dogs.

        • They need to have good ‘leash manners.’

          • Dogs that tend to stall, excessively pull, or want to play rather than walk may still need some time on a solo walk. Our number one goal is to ensure we can keep every pup safe, and we also want to make sure each dog in the pack can get a good amount of distance on their walks, as exercise is one of the top priorities for many of our clients.

Does my dog need to be spayed or neutered?

  • Yes! We require unaltered dogs to have a solo walk. Some dogs can be reactive to unaltered dogs, so to help keep all dogs safe we request that unaltered dogs have a solo walk until they are fixed.

Are there any requirements for park walks?

  • Yes! For our park walks we require that dogs have good recall and can follow simple commands. Dogs can not be territorial around food or toys.

If you have additional questions, please email us at and we’ll be happy to assist you!