At Blue Dog, we offer monthly subscription packages of neighborhood dog walking services either in small groups (30 or 60 minutes) or private/solo walks (15 or 30 minutes), your choice. We also offer as-needed (15, 30, 60 minute) on-demand walks for those owners whose schedules can't accommodate our regular subscription services. Off-leash dog park visits (in small packs/groups) are also available on a subscription basis.

Group Walks

When your dog joins one of our groups in your neighborhood, we pick up your dog on-foot and together, we journey through your hood and local parks.

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Solo Walks

Solo dog walks are most commonly used for puppies and dogs with behavioral or temperament issues that preclude being walked with a group or for older dogs who are more comfortable being walked on their own.

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Special Offer!

Got a friend who needs a neighborhood dog walker? We offer referral bonuses for clients who refer clients! And don't forget, more dogs, more discounts. Check out our 2+ dog rates.

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Have more specific questions about our services? Check out our FAQ!