Which service best suits your pup's needs?

Group Walks

Group dog walks allow your pup to socialize with a few four legged friends from the neighborhood. Our packs consist of no more than 4 dogs, guaranteeing that your dog will be given the specialized attention they need. We will pick up your pup on-foot and take in all the sights and smells of San Francisco!

We offer 30 minute and 60 minute group walks.

Solo Walks

Solo dog walks best suit puppies who are working on their training or dogs with temperament issues that preclude them from being walked with a group. Elderly dogs who are more comfortable being walked on their own and at their own speed may also benefit from a solo walk.

We offer 15 minute and 30 minute solo walks. 

Much like you, every pooch is unique. If your pup is a social butterfly he or she will thrive in one of our small group walks. If your pup is still learning their leash manners or prefers to be the star of the show, we offer private walks with just your pup and their walker. We also offer as-needed on-demand walks for those owners whose schedules can't accommodate our regular subscription services.

Above all, our dog walking services are always on-leash and in your neighborhood! We believe that an on-leash walk is the best of all worlds: guaranteed exercise, friendly companions and peace of mind that your dog is safe and secure! Avoiding the anxiety that comes with sitting in the back of a van keeps your dog happy and stress free, and when your pup is comfortable they will get the most out of their walk. You will have the same neighborhood walker in charge of your pet’s welfare and well being, week after week. That’s important to us at Blue Dog because we know that personal relationships matter when it comes to trust and reliability.

Have more specific questions about our services? Check out our FAQ!