Introducing Curbside Pup Pickup!

If you are working from home, we ask that you bring your pup out to your walker for their daily walk. If this is not possible then we’ll pick your dog from inside your home.

How it works:

Your walker will send you a text when they are arriving at your door. We ask that you wash or sanitize your hands prior to leaving your home. Gear up your pup in their leash and harness and slip on your mask. Meet your walker out front of your home to hand off your pup. When your walker is coming back around for a drop off, they will notify you via text so you can meet them outside to pick up your pup!

How this helps:

By picking up your pup outside, your walker avoids confined areas such as elevators and building lobbies as well as touching excess surfaces such as commonly used building doors, door knobs and shared surfaces in your home.


What we’re asking our clients to do:

  • If you have a spare leash (and harness), please have a designated ‘Blue Dog’ leash for your walker to use

  • If we are picking up your dog in your home

    • Please leave all dog supplies in one place- at or near your front door

    • Keep a clean home by sanitizing any areas and surfaces used by you and your walker

    • Practice social distancing when your walker is in your home

  • If you are participating in Curbside Pup Pickup

    • Please wash or sanitize your hands prior to meeting your walker

    • Please wear a mask when meeting your walker

    • Please be timely

  • Inform us if you or anyone in your home becomes sick with COVID-19

What we’re asking our team to do:

  • Review City and County of San Francisco Health Officer Directive and answer questions in Part 1 before starting work each day

  • Wear a mask while indoors and or when meeting a client for Curbside Pup Pickup

  • Wash your hands at every home you enter (before and after walk) with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds

  • If meeting a client for Curbside Pup Pickup, sanitize your hands prior to pickup

  • Follow all CDC guidelines

  • Practice social distancing while working

  • Do not let others pet your dog(s)

  • Inform us if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19