CRM & Billing System (PetCheck)

  • Please follow these instructions to setup your account.
  • PetCheck utilizes a barcode magnet which the walker will use to scan your dog in and out of their walk.
  • Upon completion of the walk you will be provided with notes about the walk and GPS map of their route
  • If your walk originates from your home then the magnet will reside there.
  • If your dog is transported to a park for it’s walk then the magnet will reside with the walker (this is so we can provide you with an accurate account of your dog’s walk and not include transportation time as well).

Billing & Cancellation Policy

  • Blue Dog is a Weekly Subscription Service
    • All of our walk packages, invoicing, and cancellation policies are based on calendar weeks.
  • Packages and Pricing
  • Weekly Subscription Policy
    • Walk packages may be changed on a weekly basis to meet your dog walking needs.
      • NOTE: changing the length of the walk or from Group to Solo is subject to availability.
    • To change your weekly walk package, you must contact by 12pm PST the Friday before the week of service you wish to adjust.
      • NOTE:
        • Customers with an existing 3 or 4 day walk package can move  walk days within the current week (subject to availability).
        • Customers with an existing 3 or 4 day walk package may add additional walks during the current week at their existing rate (subject to availability).
        • All walk cancellations for the current week will not be refunded or be repurposed.
  • Vacation Policy
    • How to Paws Your Service
      • As a Weekly Subscription Service, you can pause service for full weeks at a time.
      • Pausing service will incur a 1 Day Holding Fee equal to one day of the prior week’s service, per week of service held.
        • Pausing one full week plus a partial week will incur a 1 Day Holding Fee plus the appropriate package change for the second week. If less than 3 days are required, then our As-Needed Pricing will be utilized.
  • Billing will occur weekly every Monday. Your credit card will be automatically be charged followed by an emailed invoice
  • A $60 new client administrative fee will be charged on the first invoice
  • If we are only provided one set of keys/form of entry at the time of sign-up, we will make a duplicate and bill you on your weekly billing statement.

Walk Times

  • We will always do our best to accommodate your requested walk time however please note that all walk times are quoted within a 2 hour window
  • There are forces out of our control that can change on any given day, so we would never want to over promise anything
  • In the event of a walk occurring beyond this window you should expect advance notice from Blue Dog


  • We do not conduct walks on the following Holidays observed days: New Years Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday AND Friday), Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day. 
    • These days are NOT refunded as they are still part of the weekly package subscribed to.
    • No package changes to the previous week are allowed for Holiday weeks
      • The only exception to the above rule is that we are closed for the entire week following Christmas (12/25-12/29), these days will not be invoiced.
    • You can always expect a reminder email to be sent out two weeks in advance of an observed holiday

Weather Policy

  • In the case of light rain, we will typically still perform the full walk.
  • In the case of medium to heavy rain, it will be up to the walker’s discretion as to whether or not the full walk occurs a shortened walk occurs or we just provide a potty break. A potty break will consist of the walker letting your dog out briefly for a potty break and then returning them home. Pricing is the same for these days as the walkers are still out for the same period of time.
  • In the case of hot weather, walks may be shortened in length and speed but not time. We realize that our pups are all accustomed to our cool SF days, so we like to take it easy on them in these situations.

Referral Bonus

  • A referral bonus of $100 will be applied to your invoice for sending a new regular daily walking client our way. The credit will be applied after the new client has utilized our service for 6 weeks.




  • Why should I have to pay anything when I’m on vacation and I don’t need my dog walked?

    • Our goal is to be the most flexible daily dog walking service in SF by allowing changes in weekly plans. However, we do have to consider the scheduling and fixed costs of our business when accommodating suspension of service.

      • From a service perspective: We put a great deal of effort into creating packs and sticking to preferred walk windows. When a dog is on vacation, we are left with gaps in the walker’s schedule and open spots in their packs. This throws off timing and leaves open spots in packs that could be filled by customers on our waiting list.

      • From an operational perspective: We strive to create an amazing work environment for our walkers in an era when many hourly jobs are gig jobs with no stability or benefits. In order to provide a great employment opportunity for our walkers, we offer minimum hours to ensure a reasonable work day. With this we hope to attract and retain the best possible walkers for your pup in an extremely difficult hiring environment.

  • Couldn’t I just forgo the Holding Fee and “Cancel” my service while I am away?

    • That is an option, however we would be obligated to offer the spot to another customer if they are on our waiting list. Then upon return, the New Client Fee will be charged to reinstate your service. Our goal isn’t to penalize our customers for taking a vacation, but to allow us to consistently provide the best service for everyone!

  • What if I need to cancel 1 Full Week, then walk only 1 or 2 days of the following week as part of an extended vacation? What will I be charged in that scenario?

    • You will be charged (a) the holding fee for the full week, equal to the price of one day of the previous week, and (b) the As-Needed rate for the 1 or 2 walks of the following week.